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    1. Producers Guild of India

      Enhancing the value of cinematic arts

      Established - 1954


      Member Services

      About Membership

      Membership to Guild is purely and strictly on an invitation basis. Any Producer desirous of joining the Guild must send his/her application through email (either on support@producersguildindia.com/kulmeet@producersguildindia.com) addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of the Guild, enlisting overall profile in brief - career travails in the entertainment industry and a repository of films/TV serials produced till date/in the pipeline.

      The Guild Secretariat forwards the application to the respective Committee of the Guild which internally discusses the merits/credibility of the request and intimates the Secretariat about acceptance/rejection of the said membership request. In case the Committee approves the membership request, the Guild Secretariat formally invites the concerned producer to become its respected member.