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    1. Producers Guild of India

      Enhancing the value of cinematic arts

      Established - 1954



      About Apsara Awards

      The Apsara Awards process is transparent, simplistic & structured and begins with a jury (comprising experienced & knowledgeable industry experts) selecting nominees for Films (Popular) category. The nominees are collated in a systemized Ballot form and delivered to all Guild members for voting purpose. Subsequently an esteemed Audit Firm thoroughly inspects the ballot forms and compiles the final results to determine the eventual award winners.

      The Awards finale is graced by eminent personalities from the film & television industry and young & veteran actors/performers regale the audience with their performances through the night interspersed between the presentation of various awards to the deserving winners.

      The Apsara Awards show has now completed more than a decade long run since its inception in 2004 with the last edition marking the 11 th year.